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The 2016 Mercedes-Benz E 350 vs E 400. What’s Your Choice?

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Few companies in any industry have the kind of prestige or exclusivity of Mercedes-Benz Benz. No matter what you are looking for in a car, from performance to presentation, Mercedes-Benz has a full line of vehicles ready to suit even the most discerning buyer desires. No class better represents the Mercedes-Benz brand than the E-Class of sedans. The successor to the W123 and W124 that were so famous in the 1980s, this range of vehicles has been a staple of Mercedes’ excellence. The E-Class has managed to be the best of all worlds, providing elegant looks with stunning performance, all while equipped with the latest technology and safety features. 2016 is no different. This year, you may find yourself looking at two similar yet distinct E-Class trims: The E 350 and the E 400. Which car is right for you?


Every Mercedes-Benz Benz comes with the sort of advanced engineering befitting a world leader in motorsports. The E 350 comes with a naturally aspirated, 3.6L V6 engine that produces a breathtaking 309 HP. The E 350 comes with an ECOsystem to boost fuel efficiency, as well as a number of advanced engineered components that are designed to be energy efficient to reduce the load on the electrical system. With a sport-tuned suspension and AGILITY CONTROL® functionality that boosts the responsiveness of the steering, the E 350 will hug the curves with ease and precision, all with the refined ride quality one would expect from a Mercedes-Benz. The 3.0L bi-turbo engine system in the E 400 is based on the cutting-edge split-turbo system Mercedes-Benz pioneered for their Formula One team, Mercedes-Benz AMG® Petronas; that bi-turbo system has seen Mercedes-Benz win 36 of the last 40 races at the pinnacle of motorsport, against competitors such as Ferrari and McLaren, with two consecutive team and driver championships, as well as the current lead in the world championship. That championship-winning technology has been ported from the race-track to the E 400 platform, and the car comes complete with similar handling characteristics as its E 350 counterpart.



Some cars are simply iconic. The modern Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans fit that bill perfectly, with styling that evokes memories of the legendary W and E-Class offerings from the past, while implementing modern design elements to give the newer cars a fresh look. Both the E 350 and E 400 offer an aesthetic that fits neatly within the Mercedes-Benz family; neither car is outlandish compared to the rest of the Mercedes-Benz lineup. The E 350 features a more traditional outline, with an angled front that gives the car a classy, elegant appearance. The E 400 is a more modern, squared, and aerodynamic approach that gives the vehicle front a sportier, more aggressive look.


Both E-Class sedans are reputable for their incredible safety features and driver-assist technology. Both E-Class sedans offer the security of knowing that, even in case of an emergency, the driver will be protected to the highest standard possible. The E 350 boasts a wide range of safety features, including driver assists like stability control, adaptive braking, brake assist, 11-way airbag protection, tire-monitoring systems, the advanced ATTENTION ASSIST® system that monitors driving habits, and the PRESAFE® system, which can detect instability or the potential for roll-over and automatically tighten seat-belts to keep drivers protected. The E 350 also comes with the NECK PRO® system, which greatly reduces the potential for whiplash from a rear collision. The E 400 boasts all of those features, plus an active blind-spot assist, lane assist, and a rear-view camera as standard equipment. Both the E 350 and E 400 can be equipped with these features, plus additional driver-assist systems that utilize the most up-to-date technology to keep drivers as safe as possible.

When it comes to Mercedes, there are no wrong choices – other than picking a lesser car brand, of course. Between the E 350 and E 400, the question is not about which car is better, but about which car better suits you. There is only one way to know which car is right for you, however: a test-drive comparison of both. Contact Mercedes-Benz of Florence today.

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